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Speaking Topics

Panhandle Educational Consulting Services consultants has been presenting at workshops and conferences for more than 15 years.


Our consultants have taught sessions and/or extended workshops for the universities, non-profits, state, local governments and numerous professional associations in vertical industries.


Some of our consultant’s recent workshops include:


Web Library

This site provides a “personality” (or preference) assessment that returns a 4-letter code similar to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Users will answer questions and be provided with detailed free information about their type with the option to explore all 16 types. There is a strong “Our Theory” page that describes how the assessment was created and where to go for additional information.

The Department of Defense provides high schools with the Career Exploration Program as a career planning and exploration program. This is free to the schools and students and can provide career path information that students may not be considering. It includes an aptitude and interest assessment with links to occupations.

These instruments will help individuals identify their work-related interests, what they consider important on the job, and their abilities in order to explore those occupations that relate most closely to those attributes.

The O*Net Interest Profiler is an assessment of client interests based on Holland’s theory (RIASEC). This page has direct links to the four forms of the interest profiler including a 60-question web-based version, a 30-question mobile-friendly version, a paper and pencil hand-scored version, and downloadable software. A Spanish Language version of the online assessment can be found at

Careers.Org is a source for employment, job search and career education information across the world. It includes detailed information about over 1000 occupations, including wages, skills, and links to corresponding college programs and career, job and educational resources for states, cities, and counties in the United States, as well as Canadian Provinces and international countries.

From exploration and self-assessment, to educational options and information, to occupational information, to salary and economic trend data, CareerOneStop is a comprehensive website with resources and tools for any stage of the career development process. The site contains quality and up-to-date information as well as a searchable directory of American One Stop Centers for clients to find local career development assistance.

This is the “go to site” for comprehensive information on occupations and their requirements. Occupational information can be search by several criteria such as wages, education level, training, and job growth. It is updated and produced every two years by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the official agency responsible for collecting and analyzing occupational information.

All states have similar (but not as detailed) workforce trends and related data as the Bureau of Labor Statistics but their information is provided in different formats and reports. This site provides the link to the state agency research bureaus that compile that information which can then be accessed for the various reports for their state, metropolitan areas, and counties.

Almost all colleges and universities provide some level of services and/or accommodations for learning disabled students, as mandated by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The colleges and universities listed go a step further…they offer programs, some quite comprehensive, designed to support students with learning disabilities

This website, produced by the U.S. Department of Labor, provides information on more than 45 topics related to the job search process for individuals with disabilities. Topics range from accessible technology to preparing youth with disabilities for their career development. Policy updates, events, and additional resources are also available.

This site is part of DOL’s CareerOneStop site and has a unique section for anyone with a criminal record. It includes tips, information and resources to help search for, apply for, and begin a new job. A few of the major links include: work-ready checklist or Find State Resources, Explore Careers to Get Training and Find a Job.

This website encourages diverse professionals to connect with employers seeking to improve the diversity of their work place. The basic profile is available to applicants at no cost.

One-stop website providing resources to help with employment, training and financial help after military service. Functions as a high-level portal for very basic information on job-search, post-service education, veteran benefits and local/community resources.

Thirteen YouTube videos from the Dept of Labor on soft skills, including "Skills to Pay the Bills".

JA brings volunteers from the community into the classroom to deliver proven, hands-on programming on financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship that can inspire students to understand the opportunities provided by education.

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